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Wash balls, Pack of 2

Our Price: £29.99 (€33.89)

Using the Enviro washballs correctly will save you time and money giving your clothes and linen a gentle yet thorough wash.

Enviro washballs may be used for all of your regular washing needs in front loaders and top loading washing machines it is also suitable for hand washing.

Enviro washballs are not suitable for heavily soiled clothing; it cannot remove oil, grease or heavy mud stains.

Keep out of reach of children and animals. To maintain the best cleaning results, it is recommended that the pellets are replaced after about 125-175 washes.

How to machine wash with Enviro washballs
1. Following the clothing fabric care label, separate lights ad dark clothing as normal.
2. Pre-treat or soak stains as needed.
3. Place the Enviro washballs anywhere in the drum of your washing machine with your washing.
4. Use one ball for small loads or hand washing or two balls for loads up to 8kg.
5. Set your machine to the desired cycle.
6. Once the machine has finished remove the Enviro washballs and allow to dry.

How to hand wash with Enviro washballs
1. Place 1 washball in a basin or bucket of water and allow to stand for 2 minutes.
2. Shake it well underwater for 30 seconds, leave it in the water and add your clothing.
3. Wash your clothing.
4. Wring out your clothes and hang to dry (rinsing is not necessary).

Enviro washball pellets ingredients
Polyoxyethylene lauryl ether,a-olefin sulfonate,Saponin, Sodium carbonate, Aluminum hydroxide, Calcium carbonate epoxy resin, Lemon essential oil.

Laundry stain remover stick ingredients
Saponin, Coconut diethanol amide, isomeric alcohol ethoxylates, glycerol,ethanol,water,lemon essential oil.


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