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Cooks Professional Kitchen Knife Sharpener

Our Price: £19.99 (€22.59)

The perfect addition to your kitchen drawer, this compact and lightweight sharpener will extend the life of your knives and keep them sharp to make all those kitchen jobs a breeze. Whether you’re preparing vegetables for a salad or carving meat for your Sunday roast, a blunt blade can make every kitchen task an ordeal. This sharpener uses a two-stage system to first sharpen and then hone each blade to give you the smooth yet razor-sharp edge that you need in a matter of minutes. The coarse sharpener uses diamond grinding wheels, whilst the honing slot has ceramic grinding wheels to give you that perfectly smooth finish. The base has a suction grip to ensure complete safety for the user, keeping it securely fastened to the work surface at all times while you sharpen.

Do not submerge the sharpener in water. Do not use on serrated blades or scissors.


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