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Wake up Light Alarm Clock with Radio

Our Price: £45.99 (€51.97)

  • Multiple colours; Select from white, green, red, blue and pink lights
  • Sound features; Wake up naturally with a choice of 6 nature sounds or your favourite radio station
  • Sunset and sunrise setting; Select the 30-minute sunrise function that will wake you up naturally with a gradually increasing light and the sunset function will send you to sleep naturally with a gradually decreasing light
  • Versatile; The lighting feature makes this alarm clock the perfect desktop lamp, as well as a great FM radio
  • Guarantee; 12-month guarantee
Wake up in style with this light up alarm clock with radio by Zennox. This alarm clock features an innovative sunrise and sunset function. The gradually brightening light helps you wake up naturally. The light starts 30 minutes before your alarm making it easier to get out of bed on dark mornings and can be set to gradually decrease as your falling sleep to mimic a natural sunset.

This handy alarm clock also features an FM Radio and nature sounds to help wake you up with your preferred choice of sounds, offering you a full variety to pick from every day of the week. There is also an integrated speaker to save you purchasing a separate one.

The lighting features a bright white light and four colour mood lighting effects; green, red, blue and pink. It can also double as a perfect sized desk lamp and features an adjustable brightness option.

The alarm clock is easy to use and has a time set button, alarm set button, light set button, sunset button, FM radio button and snooze button. It also comes with an instruction manual to guide you through all the settings.

With great functionality and multiple features this alarm clock is perfect for everyone and even features a 12-hour and 24-hour format to offer ease of use to all.

Dimension: L17 x D10.5
Weight: 221g
USB cable length: 119.5cm
Power supply: DC 5V or 2xAAA batteries (not included)
LED time display in 12-hour or 24-hour format
White light and coloured lights
Sunrise simulation wake-up light
Sunset simulation sleep light
6 Nature alarm sounds
FM radio


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